Common Carpet Hacks For The Removal Of Pet Hair

A wet paper towel or sponge is the easiest, least expensive way to remove pet hair from your carpet. The second trick for removing pet hair from carpets is using a cloth softener. A squeegee works well to get pet hair out of carpets as well as furniture. A squeegee is not exactly something that you might keep lying around the house. But if you have one, try using it to remove pet hair from the carpet

Common Hacks To Remove Pet Hair -:

Use Rubber Gloves 

Similar to a rubber glove, a rubber-tipped squeegee can be useful for getting pet hair off of carpet. Whether using a squeegee, glove, or mop, just drag your squeegee over your carpet. Applying pressure so that the hair is removed as much as possible. Simply push the rubber ends down through your carpet to loosen hair, and pull up. Pull one of the rubber gloves you have been using to clean. And run your hands across the surface covered in hair, picking the hairs off. 

Use Vacuum Cleaner

Once you have removed the majority of pet hair, vacuum thoroughly through your carpeting to catch any remaining evidence. Cleaning around the edges of your carpet requires using another best carpet cleaning method. Since your vacuum cleaner is not going to get rid of all of your pet hair. Another option that works well for cleaning carpets of hair, particularly pet hair, is using a rubber dog grooming brush or gloves. As with other carpets, squeegees or rubber-bristled brooms are among the best tools for getting rid of hair. 

Use The Rubber Broom

If you do not have a rubber broom handy, a shower squeegee works equally well, since its rubber edges are excellent for collecting and pulling up hairs from a carpet. In fact, most doggies will have rubber brooms for cleaning pet hair off of different surfaces, including carpeted floors. If you would like to get lots of pet hair out of the carpet, wet the carpet, then use the rubber broom. It will wring out the hair in a nice little ball. 

Using A Normal Kitchen Sponge

Using a normal kitchen sponge is one of the most convenient ways to get rid of sticky pet hair. Another easy, cheap means to get rid of pet hair from the furniture is simply by using a balloon. This is probably the easiest and fastest way to get rid of dog hair from your furniture, cars, clothes, and carpets. 

Use The Holistic Pets Hair Removal Techniques

If your dog leaves hair clumps everywhere on carpet, clothes, or furniture, use the Holistic Pets Hair Removal Techniques to help keep your space clutter-free. When you are vacuuming, remember to pass the carpet over several times in different directions to catch other pet hairs and remove them. 


According to Good Housekeeping, if you set the vacuum at an altitude where the brush is simply skimming over the surface of the carpet, you will pick up more hair by simply using slightly different Carpet cleaning techniques. There are a couple things that you can use that help to pull hair out of your carpet, then you use your vacuum, and I guarantee that you get double the amount of air than with the regular vacuum. If you want to know about How Do You Remove Pet Urine From Woolen Carpets then read our blog.